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5 Crate Training Tips for Your Dog


Many dog owners share the misconception that keeping their dog in a crate is cruel and abusive to the pup. However, crate training a dog has natural benefits that work well with its instincts. Of course, you shouldn’t keep the dog cooped up in a cage for days at a time, but crates are perfectly fine for furry friends. If you learn how to crate train your precious pooch, it gives them a friendly, comfortable, and safe space to call their own when they feel stressed or overwhelmed!


  1. Get a Proper Sized Crate

It goes without saying that your dog's crate should be big enough to fit them. The training will go smoother if your dog feels comfortable in the container and they have enough space to stretch its legs. Don't get a cage that would make them feel cramped up or stuck inside because that will only stress them out!


  1. Safe Space

You want your dog to associate the crate with positivity and comfort, so they enjoy going there. Treat the crate the same as their bed and, as much as possible, avoid forcing them inside the crate. Don't shout at them to get in the cage, and don't pull or push them in without their consent. Encourage them with a calm and happy voice, so they know not to be afraid of it.


  1. Reward Crate Time

When first teaching your dog to get in their crate, use treats and snacks to reward their compliance. Give them some delicious food when they go in and make them feel happy. Praising them and showing them love will make them feel proud of their achievement and ultimately enjoy their time in the crate. 


  1. Meal Time in the Crate

One tactic that has proved successful for many dog owners is to have their meals given to them only when they are inside their crates. Many dogs love eating and look forward to being fed every day, and you can use this to your advantage! You can use their dog bowl as a way to lure them in or associate crate time with positive energy. 


  1. Take It Slowly

If you plan on creating your dog for more extended periods of time, then you need to ease them into the experience. Your furry friend needs to get accustomed to its new environment and be comfortable with staying in the cage. Rushing them into long crate periods will likely scare them and make the dog hate the ordeal.


Your Pet Is Safe at Rivermist

Rivermist Pet Lodge gives dog owners the opportunity to board and have their precious pooches cared for at a fantastic location. Our facility is safe and comfortable for your furry friends to give them a worry and stress-free stay. Our staff is also well experienced in training your dog with all the tricks and commands you desire. Book an appointment and see what we have in store for your pup!


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