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Summertime Cat Care: Keep Your Furry Friend Cool This Summer in Columbia


the outdoors, our furry friends can get overheated quickly and suffer from dehydration or even heatstroke.

While it may seem like your cat has a built-in air conditioning system—they do have fur after all—too much heat can leave them feeling sick, lethargic, and sometimes even cause dehydration.

Here's how to keep your cat comfortable in the summer heat of Columbia:


Keep your furry friend hydrated.

Did you know that cats require approximately 4 ounces of water per five pounds of lean body weight per day? Therefore, a typical 10-pound cat should take approximately one cup of water each day.

So, if your cat is outside, be sure to provide her with plenty of fresh water. In this way, you can ensure that your cat stays hydrated and healthy. If you have an indoor cat, be sure to provide her with fresh water as well—even if you don't see her drinking it regularly, she might need it when the temperature rises.


Consider a cooling mat for your cat's bed.

These mats are available in a variety of styles and colors, but they all work by evaporating water into the air to cool down the surface on which they sit. This can help keep your cat cool during those hot summer months when she wants to snooze on her favorite spot in front of a window or near an air vent.


Keep a close eye on your cat's temperature.

The heat can largely affect your cat's body temperature and cause her to become dehydrated. If you notice your cat is panting heavily and seems dazed or lethargic, take her temperature right away. A high body temperature (over 106 degrees F) can be dangerous for cats, as it can lead to seizures or even organ failure if left untreated.


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