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What To Do When Your Children Return To School: Handling Dog Anxiety


While children may look forward to the beginning of a new school year, it can be a difficult transition for pets that have grown accustomed to seeing their owners in and around the house throughout most of the summer. To help ease the transition for both you and your pet, here are some tips to keep in mind:



  • Spend Some Time Away From Home 


Reduce the time spent with your pet in the weeks leading up to a back-to-school month. When you spend more time away from your pet, it will be more prepared for being left behind and not miss you as much. Leave some tempting treats or toys out when you're gone, so your pooch has something to do while you're away.

  • Take Time To Introduce Your Pet To The New Schedule And Routines

Your pet thrives on a routine, so to make the transition back to school easier for them, set new walk and feeding times that match up with your kids' schedules. Make sure you schedule daily playtime as well. Take them for a walk before school starts and again after dinner. This will help get them used to the new schedule and reduce any anxiety they may be feeling about being left alone all day.


  • Have Some Background Noise


When your kids go back to school, the silence can be an unsettling experience for pets, primarily since they've grown accustomed to having noise in the house each day. To keep their minds engaged, it is a good idea to have music playing on the radio or leave the television on so they continue to hear human voices throughout the day.


  • Give Your Dog Some Interactive Toys When You Leave Home


Give your dog a food-stuff toy filled with their favorite treats to distract them at the beginning of the day when your children leave. When you get home, put the toy away and don't give it to your pooch until you leave again. This will keep them entertained for most of the day, and they will not feel too anxious about being alone.


  • Make Your Dog Comfortable Being Crated.


Start crate training as early as possible if you plan on crating your dog while you are away. You can begin by putting her in the crate for short periods when you are at home. Place a treat inside the crate to show your dog that being in the crate is not punishment. You can also toss a favorite toy or blanket into the crate so your dog has something to occupy its time while inside.


  • Take Your Dog To Doggie Daycare


If you cannot leave your dog at home, take him to doggy daycare. This lets him burn off some energy and socialize with other dogs in a safe and enriching environment. The staff at doggie daycare can also help if your dog is feeling anxious or stressed by the change in routine. They can give your fur baby extra attention and ensure he's comfortable, safe, and happy.


If you cannot prepare your pet for the start of school and it is showing symptoms of separation anxiety, consult your vet to find ways to ease its stress. Planning ahead can help your kids and dog start school on the right foot.


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